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Welcome to Our Hometown. Join the Wider World!

Firstly, a very big thanks to everyone who’s entered our Wider World competition so far.  The overall standard of the entries is fantastic.

Our congratulations to May Winner - Aliona Bandiuk and her 7th class from Novoukrainka. As promised, please, read Michael's commentaries along with the Winner's essay. 




If you haven’t taken part yet, don’t worry as there’s still lots of time before the closing date in October. The tasks your students need to do are also ideal for summer courses – you can make at least one whole lesson from the video and worksheet, the listening from Wider World and then the writing your students will do about their hometown. We are sharing some extra tips for summer courses.

Extra Activities

I was particularly pleased to see entries from lots of different regions of Ukraine.  You had all remembered to use some of the language from the video and listening activity as well.  Many of the things you liked and disliked about your hometowns were quite similar. For example, a lot of you wrote about historic places such as the Golden Gate in Kyiv or the underground town that was discovered 100 years ago in Kharkiv.   You also liked nature a lot.  I’d be very interested in visiting Oleksandria Park in Bila Tservka or the forests and fresh water ponds of Pokotylivka.   Another thing many of you wrote about was the places you go to relax. Yulia from Monastyryshche in Cherkasy Oblast told me about the square in the centre of her town where she enjoys riding her bike, sitting on the benches or eating ice cream.  It sounds great!

Some of the places you like are ones I’ve already seen – the Golden Gate in Kyiv and Kharkiv’s French Avenue shopping mall with its replica Eiffel Tower – while others were new to me.  The River Ross sounds like a wonderful place to visit, and I’d also like to see the place Kharkiv locals nickname Switzerland with my own eyes.   

The problems were familiar:  bad roads, graffiti and people dropping litter on the streets.  Some of you wrote that there weren’t enough things for young people to do. Others complained that the lack of cinemas or shopping centres meant you had to use public transport to get to the nearest big city.  The funniest problem was definitely the students who thought the nightlife must be really interesting in Kyiv even though they still aren’t old enough to check it out for themselves.

Thanks again for all your entries and good luck in October’s big draw!

You can find more information about our competition here