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Переможець липневого етапу конкурсу


Hello from my Hometowm. Join the Wider World


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who entered the Wider World competition in July.  Besides Ternopil we had another entry from Hlyboka plus some excellent work sent in from Poltava, Bila Tservka, Mykolaiv and Novomykolaivka in Kharkiv Oblast.  

Our congratulations to July Winner - Alla Bryn and her 7th class from Ternopil school 11. As promised, please, read Michael's commentaries along with the Winner's essay.


I enjoyed reading all your entries.  I learned that Mykolaiv has the best zoo in Ukraine but that its best tourist attraction is the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, that lots of films have been shot in Hlyboka, that Poltava is famous for its museums, and that Bila Tservka is the centre of Ukraine’s tyre industry.   

It was interesting to read that Mykolaiv’s Naval Observatory is a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List or that Novomykolaivka’s marmots are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Despite the problems with polluted rivers, bad roads, stray dogs and the lack of facilities, I could feel that you are all very proud of your hometowns and enjoy describing them to people from other places. 

A couple of people wrote about the problems with homeless pets in their hometowns.  In English, we use homeless to describe people but the adjective stray for pets.  Another thing to remember are that we use capital letters for the names of rivers in English, so we’d write that Poltava is on the River Vorskla and my hometown, Newcastle, is on the River Tyne.  Finally, punctuation in English is sometimes very different to punctuation in Ukrainian.  One example of this is in big numbers: in English, we’d write that the population of Bila Tservka is 230,000. 


Thanks again for all your work.  I hope you and your students enjoyed learning about my hometown as much as I do finding out about all the wonderful places there are to visit in Ukraine.  I’m really looking forward to hearing from more of cities, towns and villages all across the country in August and September.