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У перший день осені новий переможець!


Even in the middle of the summer holidays, you still found time to send in your entries and keep introducing your wonderful hometowns to the wider world.   Thanks very much for helping to educate me about all the interesting places there are to see across Ukraine. 

Our congratulations to August Winner - Yuriy Chernyov and his 7th class from Kiliya, Odesa region. As promised, please, read Michael's commentaries along with the Winner's essay.

It was, for example, fascinating to learn more about the Jewish history of Brody.  I was sorry to hear that some of the town’s old buildings and underground passages are abandoned nowadays and I hope they can be rebuilt soon.  I really liked some of the phrases you used in your writing,  especially the use of the second conditional to give advice at the very end:

If I were in your shoes, I’d start your trip to Brody right away. 

I’d heard something about Brody before because of its connection to Isaac Babel’s family but I knew absolutely nothing about Drabiv in Cherkassy Oblast.  Thanks to two groups of students I can now tell people that it’s a very green town with lots of parks and clean streets.  I’d really like to see St Sarovskiy Church after your great description, though I’m sorry to hear that there are no good cafes where you can hang out with your friends and eat ice cream.  Like the other entries this month, both classes from Drabiv organised their writing really well and there were lots of good linking expressions such as:

Despite all of this, I’m proud of my hometown. 

Everyone did very well to describe the main attractions of their hometowns (remember that we say native speaker in English but not native town).  You also did a good job of writing about the things you would like to improve.  Like a lot of other places, the roads are not always in good condition, there are lots of monuments that need to be restored and the water is not always clean enough for people to go swimming in. 

I noticed from a lot of the entries I’ve read since May that there are some words which Ukrainian students really like using.  While they’re not mistakes, there are sometimes a bit too formal compared to the rest of your writing and you could make a bigger impression by using synonyms:

Picturesque:  lovely, gorgeous, scenic, pretty, nice. 

Finally, remember that there are some important differences between English and Ukrainian punctuation.  One example of this is for the names of places.  In English, we’d write that there is a stadium in Drabiv called Kolos Stadium and a park called Poliana Kazok.  We don’t use quotation marks for the real names of places, but we do for nicknames so you might write that Kolos Stadium is the “Wembley” of Cherkassy Oblast. 

Thanks again for your entries and all the best for the start of the new school year!



If you would like to make your town or ciry more well-known, please tell your storry to us. Take part in the competition!

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