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Penguin Kids / Pearson English Kids Readers

Penguin Kids / Pearson English Kids Readers

Penguin Kids / Pearson English Kids Readers

Penguin Kids / Pearson English Kids Readers

The most beautiful Disney stories
Classic Disney/Pixar stories re-told for young learners of English

We’ve teamed up with Disney to bring you the most exciting readers you can find. Films guaranteed to excite any young learner. Stories leap off the page as the Disney illustrations bring the titles to life.


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Most kids are spell-bound by the magic of Disney! Beautiful stories, beautifully told. The magic of the story and the stunning graphic images have been carefully re-worked by our English Language Teaching specialist authors to bring the most motivating and captivating readers ever to be seen in the Primary English Teaching classroom.

The readers are available at 6 levels, with a rigorously applied system of grammar, vocabulary and structures.

All titles are written 'to level' and 'to age' and have been carefully written to correlate to all Pearson Primary courses.

Our philosophy is simply to create great looking books that motivate kids to learn to read in English.


Roald Dahl's and other' sensational stories
The world's most beloved children's stories re-told for young learners of English

Roald Dahl’s sensational, silly and scary stories sit alongside Shaun the Sheep, Wallace&Gromit, Thumbelina, Pollyanna, the Wizard of Oz, Sherlock Holmes and more classic children’s tales with Penguin Kids in 2014.

New: Roald Dahl - 7 titles, Aardman - 3 titles, Our Discovery Island - 4 titles, contemporary - 7 titles and original -5 titles.


so in order to mark the new era of absolutely stunning reading materials,
Penguin Kids have been rebranded to

and provide you with:

  • iOS app with interactive activities designed specifically for young learners,
  • carefully graded content to reflect the child's skills,
  • extra photocopiables and MP3s available online.
Pearson English Kids CLIL Readers
CLIL Readers bring real world facts and fun to engage young learners of English introducing them to the joys of reading.

But life is not all about the big-screen and multi-million dollar production. Real life exists outside of the fantasy so we bring you 28 CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) titles for balanced learning. Sticking with the highest quality design and the same stringent criteria for levelling and writing, we are thrilled to bring you the latest titles to join Penguin Kids!

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NEW IN 2016!

Pearson English Kids Readers app

Learning can be more fun with stunning animated illustrations, interactive exercises with soundtrack, voice recording tool and other exciting features delivered through the technologies that young learners love and understand.