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Carol Skinner

In Touch is a unique, three-level course specially written with the needs and interests of young learners in mind. It takes students from Senior A to Senior C level through exciting stories, humorous cartoons, lively magazine features and the lives and adventures of young children.

A truly motivating learning environment

  • Language is taught systematically in entertaining contexts: real life situations, stories in different genres, a club for English learners and cartoons.
  • Songs, chants, projects and games involve the student and make learning fun.

Effective language learning

  • In Touch is organised around a clear structural syllabus with grammar reference in each unit.
  • Clear lesson objectives and transparent unit structure make the course easy to teach and follow.
  • Skills Special units develop reading, writing, listening and speaking; there is extensive guidance for speaking and writing and practise in all four skills throughout the book.
  • Revision units with vocabulary, word order, grammar and Use your English sections encourage students to think about the language they have learnt.
  • Achievable, realistic tasks, and lesson clarity build learners' confidence.
  • The Workbook fits the units in the Students' book perfectly

In Touch for Students:

  • Students' Book with extra Student CD
  • Workbook with Grammar Practice
  • Longman Study Companions

In Touch for Teachers:

  • Teacher's Resource Book with Photocopiable Tests
  • Class Cassettes
  • Test Book, with 2 Tests for every cycle of units and 2 Final Tests
  • Extra Photocopiable Tests
  • Friends in London Video

Click here for sample pages of In Touch 1
Click here for sample pages of In Touch 2
Click here for more sample pages of In Touch 2
Click here for sample pages of In Touch 3

Calendar plans here.