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21st Century Skills webinars


Building essential skills in the 21st century classroom:
a special series of online workshops for teachers of today’s teens by Michael Harris  and  Anna Sikorzynska
The accelerating pace of technological change, rapidly transforming job markets and the increasingly connected nature of global society means that our learners have to be equipped with a series of key skills in order to become active global citizens in the middle decades of this century.

In this series of online workshops, we will look at practical ways of developing such "21st century skills" with secondary English language learners. As well as focusing on basic learning, thinking and communication skills, we must also develop new “digital literacies” which will enable students to use digital media to learn, work and interact with others online. The sessions will explore the follwoing topics:

  • Hype or hope? Welcome to the 21st century! How to develop core skills for lifelong learning.
  • Language can change your life. How our choice of words and grammar can influence actions, feelings and relationships and how we can teach our students to use language to create desired effects
  • Calling all global citizens: communication and cooperation in an interconnected world
The webinar is free! All teachers who take part in the online training will receive a certificate!

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